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Whatever you call it, the session is essentially the same concept. It’s a time for you and your significant other to have a portrait session in your wedding attire. It takes place on a day other than your wedding day and in a different location than your wedding. So why, you may ask, would you spend the time and money to do a separate photoshoot? Here are 5 Reasons to do a pre wedding session:

  1. Have more time on your wedding day with your guests. One of the biggest struggles of the wedding day is your timeline. How do you fit everything in, make it flow and actually get to enjoy your day? By moving the majority of your couples portraits to another day you leave more time for guests. It will make your day less stressful and more enjoyable. Don’t worry, we’ll still take portraits of the two of you in your awesome wedding venue. But this way you can actually attend some of your cocktail hour. Or for those of you doing a first look, you can avoid getting up two hours earlier to get ready in time.
  2. Make images in awesome destinations. Did you always want to get married on the top of a mountain but due to elderly guests, weather concerns, or large guest counts you had to pick a lower elevation venue? This doesn’t mean you can’t have both! By doing a pre wedding session you can choose any location you want. Top of a mountain, middle of a lake, urban rooftop, beach in Hawaii, the possibilities are endless! Plus you can have an excuse for a romantic getaway to your chosen locale.
  3. Speaking of romance, the pre wedding session will only add to your overall wedding experience. The time leading up to the big day and the year following are all part of one of the most important and memorable times in your life. Why not add to the adventure? You will treasure this session and the experience.
  4. More photos! If photography is something you value in your life, you want more amazing images. Let’s make these images together somewhere epic!
  5. Get extra use out of that expensive attire. Why spend so much on something and only wear it once? Or maybe you’re one of those people that just CANNOT decide between two dresses. Wear one of them on your wedding day, one for the pre wedding session! Why not live it up?

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If any of these reasons sound compelling enough consider this photo session, let’s chat! I’m happy to answer any questions you have or help you dream up your epic experience.

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