Digital vs Print

Let’s be real. It’s 2017. Digital is everything. Things are only moving forward. You can barely go a day without interacting with your phones, computers, tablets. Social media has replaced social interaction. You get your news from Facebook. Bleak as it may sound, this is only going to increase in the foreseeable future. So why, given this information, would you still print images?

When I was growing up I regularly flipped through my parent’s photo albums. It was how I learned my family’s history. I learned about how my parents grew up, met, heard stories about their wedding day. We relived family trips we took when I was barely old enough to remember them. I learned the names and relations of my distant cousins in England. This was how I claimed my family heritage.

Try to picture the future without this experience. Will we sit our grandchildren on our laps and swipe through images on a tablet? Will we record our whole family history on Instagram or Facebook? Maybe. But maybe that’s not what we want for our futures. There’s something about the tangible print, the flipping through old fading books, the record of another time period, that draws out history. Our histories.

How about our walls? No matter how digital we become, we still hang physical art on our walls. Don’t we want some of that art to created with the people most important to us? To be representations of our past and our future all at once?

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These are the reasons why I believe print still matters. Why it’s still relevant in the digital age. Sure, I love technology. I am happy to post my latest work on Instagram; to connect with those distant cousins on Facebook. I spend an exorbitant amount of time on my phone and computer. But there’s still nothing like unwrapping a wedding album or hanging a canvas print. Don’t let your most important memories collect dust on a USB drive, or sit idle, never visited, in the mysterious cloud. Don’t let your legacy be a hard drive.


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