Wedding Day Couples Portraits

One of the most common questions I get from couples is how much time they need for photos. To be honest, there’s not right answer to that question. There are a lot of variables including size of wedding party, how big your families are and whether you want extended family in the formal photos, if you want to go offsite for your portraits, if you’re seeing one another before the ceremony and if you want to attend part or most of your cocktail hour.

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The mistake I see most couples making in this process is that they lump all the portrait time together and don’t think about their photo time for just the two of them. Some photographers refer to these portraits as “Romantics.” While I think that term doesn’t apply to every couple, the point is the same. It’s an intimate time for just the two of you to enjoy being together and being present on your wedding day. Most of the images you see online of couples portraits are taken during this time. The majority of images my clients order for their wall art are from this part of their wedding day. Therefore it’s not something you want to rush or overlook!

bride and groom kissing, moody, first look, couples portraits, wedding day, wellshire inn, colorado wedding photographer, denver weddingsI know many people have a hard time scheduling time during their day for photos of themselves. Whether it’s because they think they’re not into photos, or they picture “couples portraits” as something stiff and formal and unnatural, or they don’t want to take time away from being with their wedding guests, this portrait time often gets overlooked in the timeline. It depends on your photographer, but when you work with me, I will not make you do anything unnatural or uncomfortable. I will guide you or make suggestions, but I want you to be yourselves with one another. I will capture your natural chemistry and emotion. If you want to be silly and playful, or quiet and loving, or grand and picturesque, I will capture that. If you’re the type of person that thinks they don’t like or don’t want a lot of photos of themselves, just remember that this is one of the most momentous days of your adventures together and it’s not just about you. You’re doing this for your spouse, your potential future children and to document your day so you can remember it always. I promise to make it as fun and painless as possible!

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If time is of the essence and you are truly concerned about taking even one more minute away from cocktails and dance floor and your out of state wedding guests, there are a couple of options. One solution is to do a first look earlier in the day. That way you have more time for photos before the wedding day festivities really get going. Another option is to do pre wedding photos or a day after session. While it’s not THE wedding day, this option gives you time to really get the images you want in the locations you want without the stress of family or time in the way.

Whatever you decide, chat with your wedding planner and photographer to come up with a timeline that works for you and lets you enjoy your day stress-free!

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